fredag den 28. december 2012

Up for swap

This post will be in english since most of the readers probably are going to be you guys from swap-bot.
If you would like to read other posts on my blog, you can translate the blog into the language you wish, on the top in the right site.

I'm looking for the following ítems:

- small bells to put into baby rattles
- different kind of belt clips (I use them for pacifier strings)
- adapter rings for mam pacifiers
- toe socks size 39
- gift certificates to (notice the UK site)
- cross-stitch kits, I prefer these themes: kids, christmas, cute, elfs, ladies, hearts
- items used for crocheting and knitting:
- knit picks/knit pro knitting or crochet needles (the rosewood kind) or other knit picks stuff
- sockyarn, 100% cotton, 100% wool, 100% wool superwash, mohair or yarn like mohair (ONLY the mentioned types)
- crochet and cross-stitch magazines in english or danish
- wooden beads in any colour and shape, size 8-15mm
- DIY kits, with everyting needed to make the 'thing'
- books with amigurumi patterns (crochet) in english or danish

Noahs wishlist
Noah is 6yo. He loves to be outside and are generally a real boy!

- Craft kits
- Lego.
- Knights, dragons, warriors and figures like that.
- Litterature about animals.
- Anything for live action role-playing game
- Cool cars like sportscars
- Things he can use when he is exploring the nature. He loves to search the garden for insects and stuff like that.
- Other cool quality stuff that a 6yo boy would. love

Besides the things mentioned on my profile on SB I have the following items to swap with:




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